Flat Roof Maintenance Checklist

Flat roof on business building

What is a flat roof? Well, a flat roof is any type of roof that does not have a slope, such as the kind you would find on a commercial building. Flat roofs are extremely popular in commercial buildings because they can offer lower maintenance costs and require less installation work than other types of roofs, such as pitched or gabled roofs. They also provide excellent wind resistance.

If you’re wondering what you can do to properly maintain this kind of roof, then look no further. The good news is: flat roofs are not too difficult to maintain! But, there are some important things you should keep in mind:

Proper Flat Roof Maintenance 

Check Water Drainage

The first thing you will want to do is make sure the surface of your roof has an appropriate slope or pitch so water can flow off it more easily and does not collect on top. Flat roofs are more prone to leaks and damage than sloped roofs because there’s nothing to stop water from getting in when it rains. Be sure to regularly check and monitor water drainage and be sure to fix any problems promptly.

This also includes keeping the downspouts and gutters free from clogs, so water doesn’t back up and leak into your business or home.

Take Care of the Rubber Membrane

One of the most important things to remember when maintaining your flat roof is that the rubber membrane must be in good condition. This usually means resealing any cracks or pinholes in the rubber, which should be done at least every five years. Professionals will use an acrylic coating to keep this membrane clean and sturdy. 

Trust the Professionals

Ensure that you hire professionals who know what they’re doing when it comes to repairs or installation on flat roofs. They should also provide a thorough education for future owners so that the property doesn’t needlessly suffer at the hands of an amateur who could make things worse and create dangerous conditions for your roofing. 

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Can Siding be Installed in the Winter?

Home roof with a little snow on it

The question of whether or not it is possible to install siding in the winter can be a difficult one. Winter weather presents several challenges for installing new siding. You’ll want to consider a few factors before making your final decision, and we have all the important ones ready for you to think about! 

Companies May be Limited

Winter might not be the most suitable time for a siding installation because many companies have limited or no work crews available in the winter months. This can lead to longer waiting periods for installation, which means more time without protection from the elements. 

Check in with your installer and see if they can give you an accurate timeline of when they believe they could have the job done — that way, you’ll know if it’s the right time.

The Weather Can Make the Job Harder

Say your installation team is working on your siding one day when suddenly cold, light snow begins falling from above. Firstly, wet and cold weather will make working conditions very uncomfortable, so workers may need to return on a better day. Secondly, snow and ice can pose problems with installation: shingles will get stuck together, and freezing rain could lead to water damage if left unchecked. And lastly, if it begins to precipitate outside while your siding is exposed or not ready to protect your interior, it could mean long-term damage to your home! So timing this project is key. 

The Benefits to Installing Your Siding in the Winter

While the reasons mentioned above make winter seem like not the best time to get your new siding installed, know that there are a few benefits to choosing this season for your project. 

Siding is one of the most effective ways to protect your home from weather and outside debris damage. Installing new siding on the house during the winter months will keep you warm inside because of less airflow through open windows.

So, if it’s been a while since you last updated your siding and you notice a few issues with its structural integrity, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the end of fall and early winter to get this project started. Since, as we saw above, the more intense part of the winter season won’t be the best time to get your installation done. 

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Roofing Vs. Siding: Which Should You Focus on This Winter

Home in winter with snow.

As winter gets closer and closer, it’s easy to start stressing about all the dangers the season brings with it. Even if we don’t get a lot of snow this year, hail and freezing temperatures will still be likely. So, homeowners should start thinking about their homes and what this means for exterior parts such as your roof or siding. Which is in more danger this season? We have a full breakdown for you: 

Types of Winter Roof Damage

Roofing is a big concern for many homeowners because snow and ice will pile up quickly, causing significant damage. Roofs also often leak in the wintertime due to temperature changes or if they have been damaged by hail. Your roof is the first line of defense against snow, rain, and hail. Be sure to check for wear and tear before this weather rolls in. 

Types of Winter Siding Damage

Many homeowners neglect to pay attention to the siding of their homes, but it is important for many reasons. One reason is that the siding will protect your home from more damage if a tree falls or something hits it during inclement weather. Another good reason to pay attention to this part of your home is that it helps keep the indoor temperature warm in the winter by keeping your heating inside and the cool air outside. 

It acts like the blanket of your humble abode, wrapping its way around your family to keep everyone safe. 

Which Should You Focus On?

While both areas need to be taken care of, we recommend focusing on siding first because it will protect against more damage types. Siding protects your home from weather like wind, rain, sun damage (UV rays), ice dams (accumulation of ice that builds upon the eaves), and mold growth because it keeps moisture out of your walls. 

However, this does not mean that your roofing should be neglected! Be sure to give both areas a good assessment and contact the professionals if you notice anything wrong. 

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Are Roofing Shingles Recyclable?

Spread out old roofing shingles

When getting a roof replacement or installing new shingles, what happens to these materials after the fact is often a distant thought. However, little do homeowners know that your roof’s old shingles can be recycled! That’s right, there’s a way to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle when upgrading your home’s roof. And here’s all the information you’ll need: 

Recycling Roofing Shingles: Who Knew?

How It Works

Your shingles will typically last about 20 years before needing to be replaced. Once the material reaches its lifespan and has been removed from the home, most people simply throw them away with other construction waste. However, recycling your roofing shingles is an option many homeowners should consider. 

Many people think of their old roof as just being tossed into the landfill and not being used for anything. In reality, it can be reprocessed into any number of other things.

What Your Shingles Can Be Recycled Into

When you choose to recycle your old shingles, these items can be used to create various products such as compost, animal bedding, ground coverings for trails and playgrounds, erosion control on construction sites, and more. Not to mention, asphalt, the main ingredient in most shingles, can be recycled into paving material for roads and parking lots.

The Benefits of Recycling Your Shingles

When it comes to recycling, in any form, the benefits are endless. Not only are you contributing to an eco-friendly lifestyle, but you’re also helping to reduce overall waste in your town or county. Whether big or small, every action you take has a positive impact on the environment and helps keep this Earth beautiful! 

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When is Roofing Season?

Zoom in on roof in fall

Before winter has fully hit, now is the official peak of roofing season. This mid-fall season brings milder temperatures and requires roofing checks and replacements before the harsh winter blows in. With the extreme weather conditions brought on by the cold months, now is when you want to make sure you have a professional take a look at your roof. 

So, When is Roofing Season?

For the most part, the roofing season is anywhere between fall and spring, except winter. This is because these seasons offer the most temperate weather conditions, making for a perfect climbing time. Summer tends to be too warm, and winter is too cold and can bring unsafe, icy conditions. However, autumn is the most recommended season because of how extreme winter can be. 

Why You Should Take Advantage of Roofing Season

Why should you have a professional come and inspect your roof during this time? The simple answer is that winter can do a lot of damage to your shingles and home if your roof isn’t adequately prepared. When you receive a much-needed check-up or replacement, you ensure a safe transition into the next season. 

Where to Start

When entering roofing season, the most important thing to remember is that your roof can always use an inspection. Over time, your shingles can be prone to wear and tear due to external conditions and more. After an examination, a professional can tell you what your roof needs to be prepared for winter. It might not need any repairs or installations at this time— know that it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

And luckily, our team is here to help!

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Halloween Decoration Dos and Don’ts

Home decorated for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and now is your last chance to get all your decorations up before the spooky day comes! If you still have a few goblins and ghouls that need to be hung up, make sure you’re taking safety precautions. You can’t just throw items along your roofing or siding— it takes special care to ensure your home is safe. 

Here are some of our top Halloween decoration dos and don’ts: 

Do: Keep Your Yard Safe

When little trick or treaters are coming to your home, you want to keep your yard safe! Ensure no protruding objects could cause injuries, such as extension cords or objects blocking your walkway. 

Don’t: Use Too Many Flashing Lights

Avoid using strobe lights or any other lighting that flashes on and off—they can trigger seizures in people who have epilepsy or other seizure disorders.

Do: Remember Ladder and Roof Safety

When putting up decorations on your roof, it’s important to always remember ladder and roofing safety tips. Never climb after rain or icy conditions, and certainly never use a ladder without a spotter. It’s also imperative that you don’t just go up and stand on your roof without getting it inspected— it could be weak and result in an injury. 

Don’t: Use Nails, Staples, or Screws

If you utilize puncturing items such as screws, staples, or nails for either your roofing or siding, you’re causing a lot of damage. These can leave holes and breaks along with the structure, leading to leaks from your siding or roof. 

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Decorating Your Home’s Exterior For Halloween

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkins on a porch stairs

Halloween is almost here, and if you’re looking to up your spooky decorating game, we have a few tips for you to get those creative juices flowing!

Pumpkins Are a Classic

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your property, pumpkins are a must! Nothing screams “fall” like some plump, orange pumpkins. Spend some time carving neat designs or get some different pumpkin varieties to take things to the next level.

Pick a Theme

If you’re looking for some decorating inspiration, think about what you love most about Halloween and turn it into a theme! Maybe you have always loved witches and dressed up as one as a kid, so turn your front yard into a witches paradise with cauldrons, fun lighting, spell books, potions, and witches’ attire. Suppose you’ve always been fascinated by spiders; add webbing all over your yard and DIY-made spiders all over.  

Lighting Will Make Your Home Standout

Festive lighting never fails to help celebrate the holidays. Find some orange string lights, lanterns with candles, or stick some lights in your freshly carved jack-o-lanterns. Your home will shine bright and look perfectly spooky for Halloween, and the trick-or-treaters will be able to easily find their way to your door after the sun has gone down.

Focus Your Decorations Around Your Front Door

Your home’s front door makes a great focal point to start your designs; after all, that’s where your trick-or-treaters will be getting their candy. Add a nice wreath, some mummy wrapping, spider webs, and more to jazz up your door. Then, you can start decorating your door frame and work your way outward to the rest of your property.

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Why Fall is The Best Time to Get Your Siding Replaced

White clapboard house with autumn tree

Buying a house is often one of the proudest moments of our lives; who doesn’t have their own idea of a “dream home”? We spend hours, days and months planning full room renovations and looking for decorations to make it the perfect, welcoming space; but what about the exterior? 

Installing new siding is a home improvement that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Updated siding will not only make your house look beautiful but will also protect the interior from excessive moisture and heat loss.  

The Pros of Installing New Siding in The Fall

The first, essential, step to replacing your house’s old siding is finding the right contractor. Professionals recommend replacing your house’s siding during the fall months. Here are some of the reasons why autumn is the best season to book your siding job:

Install Siding in The Fall to Be Ready For The Winter

Winter is near and you will want your home to be ready to face the harsh weather conditions while keeping you warm and cozy inside. 

A new siding installation will protect your interior walls from moisture and seal the gaps that let in drafts and frigid air during the colder months. In fact, replacing your siding isn’t just an aesthetic improvement, it also contributes to winterizing your home. Your heating system will be used more efficiently and your bills will be lower! 

Weather Conditions

September, October and November are usually mild months; temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees are considered optimal for outdoor construction work.

The fall brings the most comfortable weather conditions for your contracting company’s employees, allowing them to do a thorough and flawless job.

Perfect Temperatures For Siding Materials 

Whether it’s wood or fiber cement, the lower humidity levels of the fall months will allow enough time for your new siding to seal and settle. 

Looking for New Siding During the Fall Season? Contact JM Roofing and Siding.

At JM Roofing and Siding, we produce the most solid and attractive new coverings while maintaining the highest standards of care for your home; we don’t take shortcuts. Your home’s exterior and landscaping will be treated with respect from the moment we arrive until the final clean-up.

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Is Fall a Good Time For A Roof Replacement?

A cedar roof by JM Roofing during the fall season

Replacing a roof is an important decision that shouldn’t be made hastily; it is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home. Consequently, you will have to make sure you choose the right contractor to install your roof but, have you considered other factors like, for example, the weather?

To make the process seamless, you will need to take into account that changing seasons can have an impact on your roof replacement job. Rain, snow, heat and humidity are only a few of the weather conditions that can have an effect on how quickly the job will be completed.  

However, if you are considering replacing your roof during the fall months, you are in luck! 

Here are some pros and cons of having your roof installed during the fall. 

Pros Of Replacing Your Roof During The Fall

Fall is considered the perfect time of year to fix and replace your new roof. After the rough summer heat and before the freezing temperatures arrive, autumn offers the ideal weather for roof installation. 

Mild Weather 

Your roofers will be able to work better if it’s not extremely hot or exceedingly cold. Temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees are considered optimal and allow for a more efficient job. 

Perfect Temperature Conditions For Roofing Materials

Lower humidity levels will give your new shingles enough time to effectively seal before the winter months begin. Additionally, they will form a moisture-resistant and airtight barrier to protect you from extreme temperatures.

Save On Your Heating and Air Conditioning Bills

Replacing your roof in autumn will allow you to save on your air conditioning and heating bills, especially if your HVAC system is located in the attic. If your roof’s shingles are properly sealed before the winter comes along, you will be able to use your heating system more efficiently, thus saving money. 

Cons Of Replacing Your Roof During The Fall

Although fall is considered the best season to repair and replace your roof, there are a few cons you should take into consideration.

Busy Time For Roofing Companies

September, October and November are deemed the best months to begin your roofing job; however, these are typically very busy times to hire a roofing company. Make sure you contact your roofer in advance to secure a spot in their autumn calendar. 

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Replacing your roof can ultimately be done during any season, as long as you choose the right professional to install it. To determine what month would be best for your home, talk with a roofing contractor.

At JM Roofing and Siding, we can service a wide variety of roof types, including all types of shingles, cedar shake roofs, flat roofs and copper roofs. We rely on premium products from respected brands like GAF and CertainTeed. Contact us or request a free estimate on our website.

Signs of a Bad Roofing Installation

A view of a residential roof with architectural asphalt shingles that with various issues that can be signs of water damage and poor workmanship. The buckling of the shingles could be signs of the sheathing can be warping or delaminating from water penetration, which leads to a reroof.

You have been putting money aside to fix and replace your old roof; after months of research, you finally decide to hire a roofing company but, once the job is done, you realize that the issues persist and some new ones have appeared. Unfortunately, you might be dealing with the consequences of a bad roofing job.  

Here are three signs of a bad roofing job to look out for:

1. The Roof Does Not Have a Uniform Appearance.

If you notice a lack of uniformity in the appearance of your new roof, you might have been the victim of a bad roofing job. Looking at your roof is the easiest way to determine whether the company you hired to repair or replace your roof did a solid job. 

Mismatched shingles or differences in the materials used are major indicators that your roof wasn’t installed by a quality contractor.  

2. You Notice Water Leak Stains.

Water leaks are another major sign of a bad roofing job. Typically, water stains adopt a dark color and are easily noticeable. The good news is that, if you act quickly, these leaks can often be repaired. 

Contact a new roofing contractor and ask for an inspection of the roof and the attic for further signs of leakage. 

3. The Flashing Looks Incomplete.

Drip edge flashing is the material that roofers install around the edge of a roof; it should always be a part of a complete roofing job. The main function of drip edge flashing is to prevent water damage by redirecting any moisture towards the gutter system. Additionally, it can fight off problems such as mold, rot, stains, and foundation issues.

If missing, you could start experiencing some of these problems. Spotting missing drip edge flashing can be complicated and we suggest you call a reputable roofer to perform an inspection.  

Contact Us If You See Signs of Bad Roofing

Preventing a bad roofing job is easy as long as you make sure you use a good and reputable roofing company. 

JM Roofing & Siding is a family-owned and operated residential roofing and siding contractor serving the New Canaan, Greenwich and Norwalk areas of Fairfield County. We have been providing our clients with comprehensive roofing and siding services for over 15 years. Feel free to contact us or request a free estimate on our website.