How to Stay Safe While Cleaning Your Roof

When you think of all the things to keep clean and tidy in your home, we’re betting your roof isn’t at the top of the list. Nevertheless, you should take a day once in a while and get all the dirt, moss, and stray frisbees off your roof to protect its integrity.

When cleaning your roof, you have to make sure that you keep yourself safe from falling or other injuries. And here’s how you do just that:

Use a Sturdy Ladder

You should always use a sturdy, metal ladder that’s in good shape. If the ladder has any loose stepping rungs or is, at all, shaky, you shouldn’t be using it. You should also be sure to place your ladder on firm, solid ground so it doesn’t tip or slide while you’re on it. (It’s best to have someone hold the ladder steady while you’re on it as well.)

Wear the Right Clothing

Don’t just climb onto your ladder wearing any old outfit. You should always wear shoes with non-skid bottoms and gloves with gripping palms so you don’t slip while on your ladder. You should also wear a long-sleeved shirt to protect your skin and safety goggles from any debris you find on your roof.

Use a Hook for Your Supplies

You shouldn’t try to balance on your ladder and hold all of your roof cleaning supplies. Attach a ledge or hook so you can place or hang a bucket with your cleaning supplies for easy and safe access.

Watch Your Footing

If you end up standing on your roof, watch where you step. If your roof is slimy from moss or has missing or loose shingles, you could easily slip or lose your footing and go tumbling. It’s very important to step only on dry areas of your roof so you stay safe.


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