Roof Cleaning Myths Debunked

It’s no secret that roof cleaning is not the most glamorous task. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary one. Before you go climbing up on the latter or putting off the task, you should be aware of these roof cleaning myths that may change how you handle things.

Moss is Not Just an Aesthetic Thing

If you see patches of green moss or other vegetation growing on your roof, don’t just brush it off as unsightly. Not only does moss eat away at certain elements on your shingles, making them susceptible to damage, but they breed moisture. The more excess moisture that is on your roof, the more susceptible you are to water damage.

Stains are Only Caused by Air & Dirt

Sure, dirt and grime can grow on your roof due to airborne particles and nearby vegetation, but that’s not the only way stains form. If you have moss or algae on your roof, they can leave ugly streaks on your roof whenever it rains or they get wet.

Moss-Infested Roofs Need to Be Replaced

We have a positive answer to this one. No, they don’t. Unless your roof is all but entirely covered in moss and algae, a good cleaning and protective solution should be enough to get your roof clean and safe.

You Can Power Wash Your Roof

While your roof can take a beating from mother nature, you shouldn’t put the added pressure of power washing to it. Power washing can not only strip away protective elements from the shingles but can also end up removing your shingles entirely.

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