Preparing Your Home for Guests

The holidays are here, and you know what that means — family gatherings at your house! If you’re expecting a bunch of relatives and friends to stay with you for the holidays, it’s important to make them feel as comfortable as possible and as if they are in their own homes.

In order to do that, you’ll want to take a few measures around the house to make it a bit more welcoming.

Stock Up on Toilet Paper

The last thing anyone, much less a guest, wants to experience is finishing up in the bathroom and find there is no toilet paper left to use. Even if there is a fresh roll sitting beside the toilet, place a few extra rolls underneath the sink for good measure.

Supply Fresh Linens

You may think that just because no one has slept in the guest bed in months, that the sheets are fine to use. However, dust and allergens can still buildup. Be sure to change out any sheets so guests have fresh, clean bedding to sleep on. You should also have spare sheets, pillows, and blankets available so, if your guests like to sleep with six pillows or several blankets, they’re there with ease.

Write Down the Wifi Password

There’s going to a lot of photo-taking and posting during the holidays, and you know everyone is going to want to save data and get on your wifi. Rather than having to continuously look up the password, just write it down on a notepad so everyone has access to it.

Clear Out Clutter

Clear some space out of drawers and closet to allow guests to unpack.  Remove clutter from communal areas like your living room and kitchen. Clean up the yard in case it’s warm enough to play a little game of family football or soccer. 

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