Changes Spring Will Bring to Your Home

Chamomiles with blurred house in background in spring

We can’t wait to welcome spring, but not every change it brings is a positive one. Of course, there are longer days, new blooming, and warmer weather. However, there are also some significant weather changes and temperature fluctuations that homeowners aren’t always prepared for. Here are some of the most common changes spring will be bringing to your home this year:

Poor Air Quality

People with allergies or asthma know full well that spring is the worst season for those with respiratory issues. If your home’s indoor air quality was already poor, then spring will begin to make it even worse. The pollen mixed with the dust and debris that build up in air ducts will only make things more complicated, especially if you like to open the windows on nice days!

Better Curb Appeal

On the more positive side of things, spring is the season that allows your curb appeal to prosper. With the flowers blooming and green in the trees and grass coming back, that picture-perfect home will really shine. Now all that’s left is to upgrade your siding to look brand new, and your house will look fantastic!

Rainy Days

We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” but these showers can often end up being pretty intense. Your home’s roof will be facing a lot more downpours than usual, and if it’s not up for the task, you could be facing some potential leaking issues. Be sure to work with a roofing contractor to ensure your home is ready to take on heavy amounts of rain this season. 

Roofing and Siding Experts of Norwalk

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