Are There Termites In My Siding?

Checking wood damage in siding due to termites

Signs of Termites in Your Siding

Are you hearing clicking noises inside your home, but there’s no sight of any bugs? You may have some unwanted guests knocking on your door (or, in worse cases, breaking your door down). No need to worry because our siding professionals are here to help determine if you have a termite infestation.

What are Termites?

Termites are known as one of the most destructive pests. They may be referred to as “white ants.” They are an insect that loves dead plant matter such as decayed wood. According to the National Pest Management Association, they cause an estimated $5 billion in damages to structures annually. 

Three main types of termites are seen in homes:

  1. Subterranean termites – found underground in nests
  2. Damp wood termites – thrive in extreme moisture conditions
  3. Dry wood termites – located in coastal areas

How do I Know if I Have Termites?

Homeowners often struggle to monitor termite activity until it is too late. However, it won’t be you because you will be fully prepared to catch the evidence. An obvious sign of termites are broken doors or windows, usually when it is time to replace your house’s foundation. Additionally, look around to see if there are wings scattered on window sills, foundation walls, or your patio. Last but not least, make sure you locate any mud tubes, as that is where termites hide for protection.

How Can I Prevent Termites?

Unfortunately, homeowner insurance does not cover termite infestation, so you should take preventative measures to avoid a pricey exterminator and house siding replacement bill. Some ways to keep these pesky insects away from your equity are controlling moisture, storing wooden materials in a separate location, and hiring termite monitoring services.

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When is Roofing Season?

Zoom in on roof in fall

Before winter has fully hit, now is the official peak of roofing season. This mid-fall season brings milder temperatures and requires roofing checks and replacements before the harsh winter blows in. With the extreme weather conditions brought on by the cold months, now is when you want to make sure you have a professional take a look at your roof. 

So, When is Roofing Season?

For the most part, the roofing season is anywhere between fall and spring, except winter. This is because these seasons offer the most temperate weather conditions, making for a perfect climbing time. Summer tends to be too warm, and winter is too cold and can bring unsafe, icy conditions. However, autumn is the most recommended season because of how extreme winter can be. 

Why You Should Take Advantage of Roofing Season

Why should you have a professional come and inspect your roof during this time? The simple answer is that winter can do a lot of damage to your shingles and home if your roof isn’t adequately prepared. When you receive a much-needed check-up or replacement, you ensure a safe transition into the next season. 

Where to Start

When entering roofing season, the most important thing to remember is that your roof can always use an inspection. Over time, your shingles can be prone to wear and tear due to external conditions and more. After an examination, a professional can tell you what your roof needs to be prepared for winter. It might not need any repairs or installations at this time— know that it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

And luckily, our team is here to help!

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