Signs Wind Has Damaged Your Roof

Home roof damage

Roofs are made to be sturdy and withstand any extreme weather conditions — but sometimes, some intense storms can put your home’s structure to the test. High-speed winds that accompany some tempests can cause significant damage to your roof. 

Not sure if you’re facing any issues after the clouds pass? Here are some telltale signs that intense winds have ruined your roofing. 

Shingles Are Missing

Notice your roof might be missing something important — it’s shingles? One of the most common signs of wind damage is missing or damaged shingles, which can be seen from ground level. With intense enough breezes, your shingles can lift and detach from your roof, leaving your underlayment unprotected and exposed. 

Schedule a roof inspection and repair services as soon as possible if you notice this problem, as your shingles are made to be the protective barrier between the outside and your home. You won’t want to have these kinds of exposed areas open for too long! 

Flashing Damage Around Chimneys and Pipes

The flashing around your chimney, pipes, and skylights can be at risk during large storms. High winds can lift the material and cause the metal flashing to split and break off. If you notice any parts missing or have a sneaking suspicion that damage could have happened, have a professional take a look ASAP. You don’t want the cracks between your shingles and exhaust pipes to be open for water and little critters to enter. 

Gutter Damage

Your gutters play a huge part in keeping your home and roof dry during rainstorms by allowing for a steady water flow. Gutters can normally stand up to wind, but severe cases do happen. If you notice something off about your drainage, it can also be a clear indication of damage on other parts of your roof, so a general maintenance check should be performed. 

Fallen Debris

Probably the most obvious and dangerous sign of roof damage after a large storm is if you find significant fallen debris all over it. While little branches here and there won’t be too much of an issue, a knocked-down tree or powerline says a lot. Your roof will need repair or maintenance after an event like this occurs. 

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