What to do With an Old Roof – Repair or Replace?

To repair or to replace: that is the question. While this may not have been the existential crisis Shakespeare was referring to, deciding what to do with a faulty roof can still be tricky. Your roof is the main protector of your house, so you don’t want to let it fall apart – but you also don’t want to throw money out the window (or roof) by fully replacing a roof that’s still in good shape. If you’re trying to decide on whether you should repair or replace your roof, your answers to these questions may help you decide.  

Roof Repair or Replace | Norwalk | New Canaan | Westport | Fairfield County

How old is my roof? This is probably the most important question you should be asking yourself. The average roof lasts about 20 years, so if your’s is showing signs of damage after 30 years, you should look into replacing it.

How extensive is the damage? If you are only missing a few shingles here and there, or are getting water in the house for the first time, you can probably get away with just repairing the damaged section.

How long has the damage lasted? If you have repaired the same spot several times, yet every major rainfall you get water leaking into your house, then it’s probably time to admit you need to replace that entire section of the roof.

Can I match my existing shingles during a repair? If you only need to repair a small area of your roof, check to see if you have shingles left over from your last repair or if your local hardware store still has them in stock. Some people hate the idea of a mismatching roof, while others don’t mind it as long as it extends the structure’s life – so, to each their own on this one.

What is the weather like in my area? If you live in an area that suffers from heavy wind, rain, and snow, your roof is more likely to be damaged. If you think it’s finally time to replace your roof, talk to your contractor and try to find the material that’s the most durable. It may cost you a bit more up-front, but your future savings will thank you!

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