How to Keep Paint from Peeling Off Your Siding

Last spring, you spent all day outside painting your house. Several hours and a dozen gallons of paint later, your home looked perfect. But then just the other day you walk outside to find that all of last year’s hard work has gone to waste, because your paint is already chipping after a long winter. If this has ever happened to you, we feel your pain! If your paint has started peeling, here are a few reasons why that might be and what you can do to prevent it.

Paint Peeling Off Your Siding | Norwalk | Westport | Fairfield County

Why is my paint peeling?

  • Poor prep work: Paint has a hard time adhering to just siding. Before you paint, prime your house with a gloss primer.
  • Sun exposure: Houses that sit in direct sunlight can suffer the worst from peeling paint, because the sun causes it to bubble and chip off.
  • Weather: Rain, wind, and snow can all cause your paint to weaken and begin peeling off in large strips.
  • Dust: If your siding was dusty or dirty when you painted it, the paint is less likely to bond with the surface and will peel more easily.

What to do.

  • Always clean your siding before you paint it. Get rid of any dust and mildew that can make it difficult for paint to adhere.
  • Paint when the temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmer (but not hot) weather will help your paint dry faster and smoother.
  • Let each coat of paint sit for several hours. Sometimes paint feels dry to the touch before it actually is. Painting over paint that has not fully dried can create a weaker bond than if you were to let each coat dry properly.
  • Not all paints fair the same in the sun or rain, so do some research before choosing your paint and get a type that will best fit your home’s needs.

Unfortunately, though painting your siding is a less expensive alternative to residing, it doesn’t last as long. At JM Roofing and Siding, the siding we install will protect your home, save energy, enhance the value of your property, and last for years. Whether you’re looking to replace or update your siding, we’ve got your house covered! For more information, give us a call at 203-299-0716.  

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