Rules Every Metal Roof Owner Should Follow

It’s true — metal roofs are one of, if not the, longest lasting roofing material on the market today. But despite their sturdy panels, even metal roofs need a little TLC sometimes. If you have a metal roof, keep it looking its best with these few rules.

Rules Every Metal Roof Owner Should Follow

1. Don’t walk on your roof.

Walking on the roof is never a good idea, but it’s especially problematic if you have a metal roof. Walking or working on your roof can cause dents or holes in your panels. Not only will this make your roof look bad, but dents will cause water to pool in them and can lead to leaks.

2. Keep debris off of your roof.

While this is a great rule for metal roofs, it’s something that holds true for every roof. When organic materials, like branches, insects, and leaves sit on your roof for long periods of time, they can stain, and even damage, your panels.

3. Don’t forget the gutters.

Most people forget about their gutters when it comes to roof maintenance. But gutters filled with twigs and other debris can cause your roof to sag. It can also prevent water from running freely through your gutters and away from your house, leaving you more susceptible to leaks and floods.

4. Keep an eye out for loose fasteners.

Just like you would have to check for loose shingles on an asphalt roof, you need to keep an eye out for loose fasteners coming out of your panels. Over time, fasteners naturally begin to pull up. When they do, wind gets trapped under our panels and can lift them up.

5. Keep snow off of your roof.

Heavy snow sitting idly on your roof is a recipe for disaster. Not only can snow warp the metal, it can slide off and hurt someone standing on the ground.

Here at JM Roofing & Siding, we offer a variety of metal roofing options, including tile, slate, shingle, and cedar shake roofing. All of these roofing systems provide an authentic look without the drawbacks of mold growth, rotting, high maintenance, or unreasonable costs.

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