4 Common Summer Roof Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Roof problems are an unfortunate, but very, real part of home ownership. And while you can do your best to care for it, every roof is going to need a bit of maintenance every once in awhile. This summer, be on the lookout for problems caused by these four things.

Common Summer Roof Problems | Roof Repair Norwalk | Darien

Wind. There doesn’t have to be a storm for wind to damage your house, since even light wind can pull up a shingle. The best way to protect your roof is to have it inspected every few months. And if you see a shingle that’s starting to curl, have it changed immediately.  

Tree limbs. Fallen tree limbs can dent or scratch your roof. More importantly, they can fall off the roof and hurt someone standing below. Prevent branches from landing on your roof in the first place by cutting any long tree limbs. If a branch ever does make its way onto your roof, call someone to have it removed immediately.    

Birds and small animals. Woodpeckers can make surprisingly large holes in the side of your roof, leaving it susceptible to mold and insects. Raccoons can even pull up shingles and flashing as they work their way into an attic. Keep these critters from getting onto your roof by never leaving food in your attic and cutting tree limbs, which act like a bridge to your roof, short.

Rain. Especially after the few weeks we’ve had here in Connecticut, everyone is probably aware of the damage a lot of rain can have on your roof. The best way to protect your roof from water damage is to choose a roofing material that will last, and have it installed by a trusted company that won’t cut corners.


What’s one more danger facing residential roofs? A lack of maintenance! Minor problems, like missing shingles and small leaks are the number one cause of larger problems. The moment you see a problem, give JM Roofing and Siding a call! From small repairs to constructing entirely new roofs, we can handle anything summer weather throws at us!

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