Ladder Safety 101

The best way to stay safe on a ladder is to never step foot on one. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for many homeowners. While you should never use a ladder to get onto your roof (since in 2014, there were 647 fatal falls from a roof to a lower level) there may come a time when you need a ladder to grab something out of your gutters or to change a lightbulb. If and when that time does come, here are a few ways you can ensure your safety on a ladder.

JM Roofing and Siding Ladder safety 101

  1. Inspect the ladder before you get on it. You should be looking for dents, cracks, or loose bolts. If you do find any damage, you shouldn’t use it until it has been fixed.
  2. Put slip-resistant pads on each foot of the ladder.
  3. If you’ll be working anywhere near electrical wiring, never use a metal ladder. Instead, you should always use a fiberglass ladder.
  4. Always place your ladder on solid, stable ground.
  5. Ask someone to stand at the base of the ladder and spot it while you’re climbing up.
  6. When climbing up a ladder, always have three points of contact with it — one hand and both feet, or both hands and one foot.
  7. Never carry tools or heavy equipment up a ladder. Not only can this cause you to lose your balance, but equipment can easily fall and strike people standing down below.
  8. Never stand on the top level of a ladder.
  9. Don’t lean or stretch while standing on a ladder, as this can cause you to lose your balance.
  10. If you can, avoid setting ladders up near doors or in heavily trafficked areas.

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