6 Simple Ways to Get Kids Interested in STEM

Children today are growing up surrounded by technology — so much so that the average two-year-old can work a tablet or cell phone (two!). But if you want your child to have an interest in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) as they grow up, you have to do more than just put a tablet in their hands. Get your little one excited about STEM today with a little advice from us science, engineering, and math-loving builders.

Get kids interested in STEM

Make STEM fun and accessible.

You don’t need a laboratory in your house to spark a kid’s interest. In fact, it’s better to show them how math and science are used in real-life situations. The next time your little one asks to help you out in the kitchen, let them count eggs and divide or multiple cups of ingredients.

Watch STEM-related videos.

TED Talks for children, Brain Games, and Bill Nye the Science Guy show kids how cool science can be.

Take STEM outside of the home.

Zoos, aquariums, and museums give your child hands-on experience and let them explore in a kid-friendly environment.

Get them involved in extracurricular activities.

While we’ll never deny the importance of sports, schools have a lot more to offer than just football, baseball, and basketball. Inquire about a robotics club or math team in your little one’s school.

Talk about STEM in the real world.

Most kids love math and science, they just don’t know it. Does your child like video games or playing on your phone? Start a discussion about coding with them. Do they love amusement parks? Talk to them about physics and building.

Buy toys that encourage STEM exploration.

Blocks and Legos are STEM staples in the toy industry. More recently, brands have come out with toys that teach coding basics and app development.

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