5 Snow Removal Tips You Need in a Pinch

Freshly-fallen snow is beautiful, but honestly, sometimes you just need to get to work—and ice and snow all over your car and walkway is another 15 minutes of time you don’t want to spend. To prevent ice buildup (or to get rid of it quickly), check out our 5 snow management tips below—most of which can be done using household items you already have!

#1: Put Pickle Juice in a Spray Bottle for a Spray Deicer

Salt is a well-known deicing tool, but not all of us have deicing salt sitting around our garages. Sometimes a cold snap takes us by surprise and leaves ice all over our windshields (where abrasive table salt might do some damage).

The fix? Pour briny pickle juice into a spray bottle. The salt in the pickling liquid acts as a non-abrasive deicer. Just spray all over your windshield, then wipe down with a towel.

#2: Put Salt in an Old Sock & Wipe Down Glass Surfaces

Okay, you don’t want to damage your windshield or windows, but you also don’t like pickles. Not to fear! We have a solution for you. Go ahead and pour some regular table salt into a sock the night before you’re expecting ice or snow. Wipe down your windshield, windows, and mirrors softly.

Use this sparingly, though. Doing this too often will cause damage to your car. If you’re going to be using deicing salt a lot (or for a lot of surfaces), we recommend buying a bag at a local hardware store or Walmart.

#3: Use Rubbing Alcohol on Windows to Prevent Ice & Fogging

This is great for windows around the house. Spray some rubbing alcohol on your windows and wipe down with a clean towel. Bonus: this will leave your windows clean and streak-free, in addition to preventing the glass from fogging up.

#4: Lay Out an Industrial-Strength Tarp at Night

Instead of spending time blowing away or shoveling snow from walkways/off cars, just cover them both with a strong tarp. Once you’re ready to leave, you just drag the tarp to the side and voila! Instant walkway. This only works when you’re expecting snow, so make sure you check the forecast and lay out the tarp before you go to bed.

#5: Keep a Bucket of Fireplace Ashes in Your Car for Traction

This tip makes great use of something you wanted to get rid of anyway: fireplace ashes. During the winter months, drivers have to keep an eye on where they park. Snow and dirt create loose slurries of mud that prevent tires from moving forward. When mixed with mud/slush, fireplace ash creates a thick mixture that’s easier to drive out of when you’re in a jam. Instant traction!

This tip also works well with kitty litter, in case you don’t have a fireplace.

There you have it: 5 fast, easy ways to remove ice (or get moving) as quickly as possible. If you have any other tips, comment on our Facebook page here!

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