What Type of Siding Is Best for Property Value?

While some property owners think that the type of exterior siding of their home is of little consequence to the value of their home, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the quality, durability, and appearance of a home’s siding is of critical importance to the overall value of the home, its curbside appeal, and its ability to be sold.

Certainly, homes with older siding sell every day. However, there are generally three types of exterior siding that are the most appealing for a home, increase the net value of the home and provide the most protection for the home against the elements and are known for their longevity.

The top three home siding materials are:

  • Brick or stone
  • Vinyl siding
  • Texture 111 or pressure-treated wood panels

What You Can Expect From Your Siding

Each of these types of siding offer protection from the elements, beautify the home, and offer a longer life than the outdated sidings that most homes have.

Brick and stone exteriors can either be facades or actual layer by layer stone or brick construction.

Vinyl siding offers great insulation from the elements for the home and are good at protecting the basic outside sheathing and the base wood underneath of a home. Vinyl siding is also very easy to maintain and clean, and it has a long durable life.

The last exterior siding is known as Texture 111, or pressure-treated wood. These can offer some protection from the elements. However, it is the least durable of the three top primary home exteriors.

Lower-Value Siding

By contrast, older and outdated sidings can be problematic for a homeowner—and one of them can be toxic.

Lower-value exterior sidings include:

  • Aluminum siding
  • Wood shingles
  • Asbestos shingles

Aluminum siding back in its day was a great option for homeowners and avoided the need for constant repainting. However, over time this type of siding gets discolored, becomes chalky, loses color, and can be easily dented—exposing the aluminum color underneath.

Wood shingles can be found on older homes and generally need to get repainted every 5-8 years. These certainly can be beautiful, but wood shingles are difficult to maintain. Over time, the wood can be subjected to dry rot and insect infestation, as well as paint peeling and discoloration. Asbestos shingles are the most dangerous of the group. While they can be durable, if they are damaged the asbestos can be toxic and has been known as a serious carcinogen.

Ultimately, the siding you choose should be seen as both a stylistic choice and an investment into your home’s future value. By choosing siding based on its durability and cost-effectiveness, you can join the small number of homeowners who will be able to live a life of comfort and security in their retirement.

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