How Interior Design Can Affect Your Emotions

The interior decorations of a home reflect the homeowners style and identity. However, did you know that the style of a home can actual impact your emotions? Read the following information to discover how the look of a home may affect your mood.

Use of Space

When entering a home with clutter and a lot “going on”, people may feel anxious and distracted. Spaces that seems claustrophobic and don’t “breathe” make people uncomfortable and trapped. Unfortunately, if someone visits a friend whose home is cluttered, he or she is likely to leave sooner rather than later because they may feel overwhelmed by the use of space.

On the other hand when a home is open and free of items, visitors tend to feel light. The room breathes, and those occupying the room are uplifted through the open space. The room will comfort those who feel trapped and allows conversation to flow freely among friends.

Furniture & Style

Many homeowners choose to purchase furniture with rounded edges and soft appearances. Round and soft furniture is seen as inviting and safe, whereas harsh looking furniture can appear threatening and dangerous. As people desire to feel comfortable in a home, cushions and soft-looking materials can go a long way in making people feel at peace in your home.


Lighting can have serious effects on the moods and interactions of guests. Dim lighting is known to make people comfortable, creating a safe space for conversation and fellowship. However, harsh overhead lighting can make people feel alert, subconsciously causing them to back away from conversations. Additionally, natural lighting is shown to increase conversation and creativity within groups of people. If you want to have inspired conversations, make sure your lighting helps set the mood.

Understanding the relationship between decorations and emotions is difficult, but hopefully these insights help you create a home where productivity and relationships grow.

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