Which Project Is More Important: Roofing or Siding?

Home renovation projects are never easy because they are usually extra-curricular, and there seems to be an infinite number of developments that people can take on. From repainting a room, ordering new counters, putting in new carpet, and thousands of other repairs, choosing between a roof repair and a siding repair may be seemingly impossible. However, after reading this blog, you will have a better grasp of which home improvement project is the superior choice for you.

Roofing: the Best Project for Necessary Repairs

Although old and worn siding poses a threat to your home, the reality is that a broken-down roof is more threatening. When a roof has holes and its integrity is compromised, the health of your whole home is at risk. If a roof caves in, it could do tens of thousands of dollars of damage to a house, not to mention that it could injure you or your family. Additionally, a patchy roof can let in leaks or other weather-related problems which can devastate your home’s interior structure. Animals will use the holes in your roof to infiltrate your home and your dwelling place may be overrun by wildlife as result. All of these issues are more serious than a breach in the integrity of your siding, but it is important to note that it is entirely dependent on extensiveness of the damage done to your siding. However, as a rule of thumb, a problem with your roof is more serious.

Siding: the Best Project for Style

While roof repairs are more serious than siding issues, the style of your siding is massively more important than the style of your roof. If you are renovating your home in order to sell it on the market, a siding renovation can work wonders in regards to your home’s curbside appeal and market value. The siding is often the “face” of the home, and damaged or old siding may be an unappealing blemish for potential buyers. Without a doubt, if you are looking to upgrade your home’s style it is typically better to renovate your siding.

Regardless of the home project you choose, JM Roofing & Siding is here to help! We have extensive knowledge of roofing repairs and siding styles that can help you make the right renovations to boost your home’s value and protection. If you have any questions regarding our prices or projects, contact us now!

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