How To Combine Stonework And Vinyl Siding

Don’t get us wrong — vinyl is a beautiful and cost-effective option for siding. But sometimes homes need a little curb appeal boost…and adding stonework to your vinyl siding is just what you need.

combining stonework and vinyl siding

Why Include Stone?

Stone greatly compliments vinyl. Why? Because stone offers a contrast in textures and increases your home’s curb appeal. Vinyl siding is great because of its easy upkeep and low costs, but it doesn’t have that upscale look homeowners crave — adding some stonework helps you get the best of both worlds!


Fieldstone is one of the oldest building materials. It’s irregular shapes and warm colors give homes a unique character that makes it different from other homes. Colors can range from rusty reds and dark greys to lighter pinks and sands.

On top of it all, Fieldstone siding can withstand wind, rain, and snow — making it perfect for the Northeastern weather.


Picture a traditional fireplace stone look and that’s what Ledgestone is. The dimensional surface and rough edges make different shadows in different lighting, making this stone extra dramatic.

This type of stone siding can come in as many color palettes as you can imagine.

River Rock

This is unlike any other stone siding because it has rounded edges and smooth surfaces. These rock facades can end up being over a foot in diameter!

It is often found in greys and light browns.


Limestone siding has smooth edges like River Rock, but it’s more square and rectangular shapes. Limestone has been used in architectural structures from thousands of years ago, which gives homes a uniquely old-time, yet modern, feel.

Adding siding to your house is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make. A new installation immediately increases the curb appeal of your home. Protecting your house from the elements reduces the time and money you’ll spend on maintenance due to the effects of harsh weather.

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