Can I Power Wash My Siding?

Different kinds of siding need different kinds of maintenance. When you have vinyl siding, you should keep it in good condition by washing the dirt off of it every so often — but what do you use to wash it? In an effort to save a little time and effort, some homeowners try to power wash their siding. However, if that’s the route you plan on taking, you need to make sure you’re doing it the right way in order to keep your siding safe.

Tips for Power Washing Your Siding

Wear the Right Safety Gear

Protect yourself from any dirt or water that can come flying back at you while you’re power washing. Be sure to put on a long sleeved shirt, a face mask, gloves, and safety goggles before powering on the power washing.

Cover All Electrical Areas

Water and electricity don’t mix, so make sure to cover any outdoor outlets, lights, or other electrical items before power washing.

Remove Mold by Hand

If there are smaller spots of mold or mildew clinging to your siding, it’s best to clean it off by hand using a sponge and a mix of warm water and bleach — 10 parts water and one part bleach. This way, your power washer will have an easier time cleaning your siding.

Start on a Low Setting

In order to prevent the power washer from damaging your siding, start out by using  a low pressure setting. If you find that the dirt and grime is not being removed by that spray setting, you can gradually increase the intensity.

Spray Smart

Start at the bottom on your home, and spray the cleaning solution in a side-to-side motion to avoid leaving spray marks. You should also work in small sections so you can more effectively clean your siding. Once you’re done spraying, let the cleaning solution sit on your siding for a few minutes.

Rinse Top to Bottom

Whereas you started at the bottom to spray the cleaning solution onto your home, to rinse your home, start at the top and work your way down. This way, all the dirty water is going to flow down to a spot you’re going to wash away anyway.


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