Smart Places to Hide Your Spare Key

We’ve all been there — you’re running and rush out of the house, only to realize you left your keys on the kitchen counter and are now locked out. Well, if you figure out a few clever hiding spots for your spare key, you won’t be stuck waiting in your car until someone else comes home to let you in. You just want to make sure they’re spots that other people won’t suspect, of course!

Smart Places to Hide Your Spare Key

Under a Fake Sprinkler

This is an especially great hiding spot if you already have a real sprinkler system that a fake spout could blend in with. Place your spare key in an old pill bottle, then glue the lid to the bottom of a sprinkler head before burying it in your lawn.

Under a Knocker

Use a magnet to attach your key to the insider a metal door knocker, then attach the knocker to your front door — just make sure you’re able to get the knocker off so you can access the key.

Under a Rock

First off, you’re going to need to use a real rock that’s placed among others — a fake rock is too obvious for a burglar. Either use hot glue (so the key is removable) to stick your spare key to a rock or bury it in some dirt then cover it with rocks.

In Your Gutters

Glue a small magnet to your key and attach it to the inside of your downspout. This way you’ll have easy access to it and it’s still hidden from anyone besides you and your family.

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