Signs Your Roof May Collapse

Whenever you’re faced with a problem, you may feel like the sky is falling, but the good news is that, most of the time, it’s not. However, if your roof is in bad shape, it won’t be the sky falling — it’ll be your roof. If you want to avoid dealing with the dangers that follow, learn to recognize the signs that your roof may collapse.

Heavy Weather Damage

A little fall of rain typically won’t harm your roof too badly — but some heavy snowfall might. All that snow can weigh down your roof and if the load gets to be too much, your roof could collapse into itself. What’s worse is that when that snow melts, all the extra water can damage your roof  and put it at risk of collapsing as well.


Like we said, excess moisture on your roof is never a good thing. If you notice water leaking from your roof, that is typically a sign that your roof’s integrity is being affected it is at risk of collapsing.


The chances of your roof collapsing completely at one point in time are very rare. More often than not, you’ll notice your roof start to sag in certain areas first. If that goes unchecked, the entire roof can collapse at a later time.


While most houses make noise on their own, if you notice strange sounds such as cracking or popping coming from your ceilings or roof, call a professional right away to inspected. Those sounds are a sign that the roof may collapse soon.

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