Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay your windows much mind,  aside from choosing the curtains that cover them. However, your windows play an important role in keeping your home comfortable and safe from the elements. There are a few signs you should recognize that signal when you should replace your windows.

There are Lots of Drafts

The seals around your windows can wear down after a while and allow for drafts to enter your home. While a slight draft once in a blue moon isn’t a major problem, if you have drafts coming in from multiple windows all the time, you should look into getting replacements. Overly drafty windows seriously disrupt your home’s comfort and can raise your energy costs.

They’re Hard to Open and Close

If you have to use a lot of strength to pry your windows open or get them to shut again, you should really look into replacements. Not only can they prevent your home from getting fresh air if they’re hard to open, but if they’re also hard to close, they may be allowing outside air into your home and not creating a proper seal like they are supposed to.

They Won’t Stay Open

If you have windows that open and close vertically and they constantly fall, that’s not only annoying, but it’s not safe either. If your windows won’t stay in place when you open them, you run the risk of their closing on someone’s hand or on your pet’s paw, so you should replace them.

They Have Water Damage

If excess moisture has caused the wood panels of your windows to warp or rot, not only are they not able to properly seal, but they run the risk of mold growth. Any windows that have extensive water damage should be replaced.

If you notice water damage on your windows, it could be caused by problems with your roofing or siding. Ask the experts at JM Roofing and siding for help keeping your home safe from the elements.

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