More Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

When you’re making as big a decision as what is going to protect your home and family from the elements, you should ask any and all questions that come across your mind. After all, the more questions you ask now, the less confusion or misunderstanding there will be later on. Make sure you ask your roofing contractor these questions.

How local is your business?

While you don’t necessarily need a contracting team close to home, it definitely helps! When your contractor is local, you not only have a team who knows your area and its weather, but it can also be cheaper. If your contractor has to travel (with all the materials) from far away, you may end up having a higher fee.

Who, exactly, is installing my roof?

Is you contractor and his or her own team installing your roof? Or are they outsourcing a team to get the job done? It’s often better to hire a contractor who has and uses their own employees, so you know exactly who will be working on your roof.

Who is handling getting the necessary permits?

Will your contractor require you to go to your local city hall and get the necessary building permits or will they take care of things for you? It’s often better when your contractor will take care of that for you — one less thing to worry about on your end.

How will you ensure the safety of my home and family?

The last thing you need is for something to fall off your roof and injure a family member as you’re leaving the house in the morning. Speak to your roofing contractor about what steps they will take to ensure your home and family will be unharmed.

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