Siding Colors to Make Your Home Pop

When you drive down the street, you probably see house after house with grey or tan siding. Talk about boring! Who wants to fit in when you can stand out? If you want to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, consider choosing a siding color that has a little flair to it and makes your home pop.


Make your home look like a ray of sunshine! Yellow is a happy color that will brighten your street and give your home a classic feel. When you add a certain color of trim, such as white or light grey, you can give your home a modern, fresh feel as well. You can also pair yellow siding with a metal roof if you’re going for an even brighter look.


Red siding looks great when paired with a dark roof. That combination paired with a white trim often gives your home a very colonial feel. Red siding can also pass for brick from a distance, so it’s a great option if you like brick but aren’t looking to spend the money on it.


A rich blue can give your home a regal, modern feeling. Depending on the color trim you choose, such as white, your home can look very picturesque, like it came straight out of a movie. Blue is also a calming color, so seeing that when you pull into the driveway after a long day at work can put you in a better mood.

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