Things You Can Do with Fall Leaves

Fall weather is finally here, and you know what that means — you’ll soon have a yard full of leaves! While it’s fine to pile them high and let the kids jump into colorful mounds of yellow, orange, and red, having the mess in your yard does get old after a while. 

Rather than rake all the leaves into plastic bags and toss them in the trash, consider all the other things you can do will them.

Compost and Use Them as Fertilizer

Collect all the leaves, place them in a three-foot composting barrel, and there you have it — the leaves are set to compost. While most composting takes around six to ten months, you may be able to help the process along by shredding the leaves.

Once they are composted, spread the leaves over the soil in your yard to allow it to better hold onto water and nutrients.

Use Them as Mulch

If you don’t want to wait for the leaves to compost, simply lay down a thick layer on your soil and around plants, spray them down with a hose, and use them as mulch. The leaves will help block weed growth and decompose on their own over time.

Use Them an Insulation

While they can’t be used to insulate your home, you can place leaves on top of growing plants to provide a bit of warmth. Use chicken wire to contain them, and simply brush them away come spring.

Create Decorations

The various colors of fall leaves can add a lot of beauty around her home. After collecting and cleaning them, use the fallen leaves to create wreaths, bundles, banners, wall art and more.

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