Siding Colors to Avoid

When it comes to your home’s appearance, your siding is one of the first things visitors notice. After all, it typically covers the entirety of your house. With this being the case, it’s a wise idea to choose your siding colors based not only on what you prefer but also on what your neighborhood allows and what future buyers would find appealing.

If you’re in the market to change your siding, here are a few colors to avoid.

Why You Should Avoid Certain Siding Colors

Neighborhood Requirements

In some areas, homeowner’s associations require your home to blend in nicely with the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. This will prevent you from choosing any bright or “out there” colors that may violate these rules.

Resale Value

Potential buyers may be deterred from purchasing your home is the siding color you chose is a bit more eccentric and would require them to change it to something more uniform or subtle — it’s an expense they won’t want to worry about.


If you live in a particularly sunny area, you won’t want to choose a dark-colored siding as this will absorb sunlight and cause your home to feel warmer than you’d like.

Siding Colors to Steer Clear Of

Bright, Eccentric Colors

You may love the idea of a quaint yellow or bright sun-burnt orange, but these colors may be a bit too eccentric to match your neighborhood or attract future buyers.

One That Matches Your Roof

If your siding is the exact same color as your roof, your home’s appearance will lack dimension and look too blasé.

Dark-Colored Siding

Dark siding will absorb sunlight and make your home feel overly warm.

Multi-Colored Siding

Having two different colors of vinyl siding can make your home look random and mismatched.

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