What a Sagging Roof Line Means

Picture this: you’re finally outside and enjoying the weather during summer, you look up, and see that your roof is somehow sagging at certain parts. Seems strange, but it is more common than you think! Here is what it means if you have a sagging roof line:

Why Roof Lines Sag:

There are a few different factors that can cause your roof line to sag.

  • Heavy winds: when big storms roll in, strong winds can cause all kinds of damage to your roof. Most of all, it can shift different pieces of it and cause sagging to occur. 
  • Too many layers of shingles: If not done correctly, your roof could have been given too many shingle layers. If certain areas become more heavy than others, sagging will start to be an issue. 
  • Structural issues: The inside of your attic and roof will show just exactly how it’s been holding up over the years. The rafters, which are the sloped boards that make up the skeleton of your roof, hold much of the weight overhead. If there is any kind of compromise to these structures, your roof won’t be able to stay straight. 
  • Bad beams: Depending on your roof type, you might be relying on beams to hold everything up. If one of these beams, or even the central beam, is compromised, then you could be facing extreme line sagging. 
  • Old age: Over time, your roof just can’t handle its own weight or outside factors as much as it used to. It could rot and decay over the years, leaving the structure to curve.

How to Fix The Problem:

In all honesty, the best way to fix this problem is by calling a professional. Then, you can get your roof replaced or have your inner structures holding your roof updated. You don’t want to try and fix your beams and rafters by yourself, as it could lead to further damage. Consulting a professional is your best option, since they will be able to tell the root of the sagging.

When it comes to ensuring your roof lasts and is safe for your family, you need to hire the best contractor possible. The experts at JM Roofing and Siding are licensed and insured to serve you in Norwalk, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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