What To Know About Installing Home Security Cameras

Security cameras have become more popular in recent years for homeowners. They make it so that you and your family feel safe, and they can go anywhere around the outside and inside of your home. But, can they hurt your siding? Short answer, no! Installing security cameras usually don’t cause any issues for your siding. However, there’s still a lot that you need to know about the installation process. 

Pick Good Spots

You don’t want to randomly place your cameras around your house. They should be placed in well-lit, visible spots so that you can actually get use out of them. It’s okay if they are visible to other people because that is also a good way to keep unwanted intruders away from the home. They will see it’s under surveillance and not want to get involved. 

Protect Your Cameras

It’s important to protect your outdoor cameras, especially from weather conditions and vandalism. Invest in weatherproof gear and make sure each camera is placed high and in a spot that is not easily accessible to outsiders. 

Do Not Install On Gutters

Your gutters shouldn’t be messed with, and installing a security camera on them is a very bad idea. Your home’s gutters aren’t made to be able to withstand any kind of meddling or extra installing on them, such as cameras. 

No Hole Needed Options 

There are ways to install your security system without having to drill holes in your siding. Now companies are coming out with no hole needed options, made to attach the system in a more simple way to your siding to hold your cameras. Make sure you know what you want for the future of your siding and know all your options. 

Siding Experts of Norwalk

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