What Causes an Emergency Roof Repair

Hurricanes, and snowstorms, and hail storms– oh my! Weather is often unpredictable, leading to some very disastrous damages to your home’s roofing. Fortunately, our emergency roof repair service is available to you whenever you need it most. If you’re wondering just what exactly you’ll need to keep a watchful eye out for, we’ve got you covered. Keep in mind these natural conditions and how an emergency roofing repair will help.


Coming in many shapes and sizes, each hit to your roof is a potential crack or break waiting to happen. While it isn’t as common as other weather conditions, it’s still a possibility. The breaks to your roof it causes can leave your home vulnerable, so it’s best to get it repaired and fixed as soon as possible. 

High Winds

Outside of hurricane or blizzard conditions, high winds can still do a good amount of damage. Not only can they can you shingles to fly off, they can also knock the trees surrounding your home over. And once that tree hits your roof, there’s no telling what kind of problems it will cause. 


Hurricane season technically isn’t over yet! Lasting until November, you should make sure to keep an emergency preparedness kit with you and have our emergency roof repair number on call. Take every precaution beforehand to get your home protected against the storm and we’ll take care of any damages to your roofing. 


Winter is right around the corner, and so are some potentially nasty snowstorms. Wind is a big factor in these kinds of storms, pulling off shingles and breaking gutters. But, don’t forget the damage heavy amounts of snow can do to an old or already broken roof. Sometimes it can’t handle that kind of weight and can break further under the pressure! 

We are here for all your roof emergency needs.

When it comes to ensuring your roof lasts and is safe for your family, you need to hire the best contractor possible. The experts at JM Roofing and Siding are licensed and insured to serve you in Norwalk, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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