The Scary Truth Hiding Behind Your Siding

Damage to exterior siding

There’s a lot more that could be hiding behind your siding than you realize! This is the case for any season, as the outdoors play a part in the health of your home’s siding. Don’t ignore the signs and make sure you’re aware of what issues can occur. Here are some of the real truths that could be currently hiding behind your siding, and what you can do about them. 


What many homeowners don’t realize is that water damage can happen during any season. Whether it’s due to the heavy rains of spring or the clogged gutters of fall, if any part of your siding is damaged or broken, water can get in. And that is when mold forms, as it thrives in high moisture spots. If your siding has been overtaken by mold and water damage, you’ll need to call a professional to get it replaced. 

Carpenter Bugs

If you notice your siding has been eaten and picked at, you might have an infestation happening. Carpenter ants, termites, and bees love to create issues for homeowners. Obvious signs include holes throughout your walls, deterioration, or signs of a nest. If ignored, they will essentially take apart your home from the inside out. Get an exterminator and siding professional over to your house as soon as possible! 

Dry Rot

What is dry rot? Well, it’s actually the opposite of its name. This occurs when the wood in your siding is too wet, causing rotting. When this happens, the main cause is usually that your insulation has been installed poorly and isn’t doing its job properly. This kind of water damage rots out the inside of your house fully, weakening its structural integrity and possibly creating a dangerous situation for your home and family. 

Siding Experts of Norwalk

When it comes to ensuring your siding lasts and is safe for your family, you need to hire the best contractor possible. The experts at JM Roofing and Siding are licensed and insured to serve you in Norwalk, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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