Late Fall Home Decor Guide

It’s a bit of a guessing game when it comes to what kind of decorations you should have up near the end of November and early December. Most people, after Halloween is over, move right on to Christmas and December holidays as if the ones in between don’t exist. So, how you decorate has all to do with which celebration you wish to honor more! We have a little guide for this exact situation. 

When To Leave Up Fall Decorations:

  • If you are planning on having a small gathering at your house for Thanksgiving, consider leaving up those pumpkins and colorful leaves. You’ll need the ambiance for the celebration. 
  • If you don’t like skipping holidays, then keep up your fall decor until the season ends. Winter doesn’t come until December 21st. 
  • If you can’t stand when Christmas is celebrated too early. We get you, sometimes even the music can get way too repetitive if you’re forced to listen to it for two months instead of just one. 
  • If you don’t mind a mix. You can have pinecones and acorns out along with those winery lights and snowy decorations. It’s your home, make it look how you like! 

When To Switch To Winter Decorations:

  • If you’re all about December holidays. You’d rather just skip the rest of November all together and move right to the holly jolly singing and ornaments. 
  • If fall wasn’t your favorite season in the first place. Little things such as snowflakes and snowmen can start filling up your home as early as you would like if winter is much more your style. 
  • If you don’t have many plans for Thanksgiving. No one will really see your home, so who cares if you get a head start on those winter celebrations? 
  • If you don’t mind a mix. As we stated earlier, pinecones and other outdoor decor can be mixed together to create the perfect autumn/winter design for your home. 

And remember safety if you are putting any of these decorations on your roof or siding! 

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