How Does Winter Affect My Solar Panels?

Many homeowners don’t realize this, but solar panels do actually work in the winter. Their output ends up being less in the summertime, considering we get less sunlight, but they are still just as efficient in the cold. When it comes to heavy snowfall or cloudy days, homeowners should know all the facts regarding the changing of seasons and their solar panels. 

Your Solar Panels In The Snow

On days when we get heavy snowfall, and it covers your panels, it will not produce electricity for your home. However, the surfaces are designed in such a way that will allow snow to fall off. The surface naturally takes in the sun’s heat so that the snow will melt fairly quickly over time. You won’t lose too much in production after a storm, and you don’t even need to worry about cleaning it off yourself. 

Your Solar Panels In The Cold

Extreme temperatures might cause freezing and more on your solar panels. However, winter conditions can increase their performance. This helps cancel out any lost production when your panels are covered in snow. The system’s technology makes it so that the conversion of sunlight into power becomes stronger in freezing temperatures. 

Should I Clean Off My Solar Panels?

We recommend letting the panels do the work on their own. Even if there is a decent amount of snow on them, the sun will naturally melt off everything! There have been some instances where homeowners have tried to wipe off snow after storms but then accidentally caused damage to their system. You might not have a warranty, so avoid using hard edge tools or anything with metal.  

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