Why Is My Roof Creaking?

Are you ever just relaxing at home when suddenly your roof lets out a loud creak, loud enough to wake the neighbors? Not only is it startling, but it also could be the result of another underlying issue. It’s normal for homes to make noises here and there, especially if they’re older. However, there are a few specific reasons why your roof creaks all day and all night long. 

Nighttime Creaking

If you notice an increase in roof creaking at night, it’s most likely because of the temperature changes that occur then. Shifting humidity during any season also causes this, and it’s nothing to be too concerned about. It’s the most common during spring and summer, as your roof’s material is warming and cooling constantly, leading to constrictions in the base. 


One of the more apparent reasons for home creaks is the weather. From strong winds to heavy rains, most wood-structured buildings will make noises. However, if you find that your roof is making sounds even when the wind is very low, you may need to call in a professional to assess your structure, considering it might be on its way out, especially since your home has weakened over the years. 

Popping Sounds

If you begin to hear louder, more prominent popping sounds, don’t panic! No matter how concerning it sounds, it’s usually just the result of your home’s interior reacting to temperature changes. Lumber and other materials will shift and budge, creating the loud noise you’re hearing. If it still concerns you and happens during moderately temperate days, it can’t hurt to call up a professional to take a look. 

Roofing Experts of Norwalk

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