4 Signs Your Roof is on The Verge of Collapsing

Many homeowners and property owners that suffered from a roof collapse will mostly agree that they never expected it to happen. Because of this, it’s crucial to be aware of any signs or conditions that can leave your roof damaged and with the potential to come crashing down.

Here are some of the most common signs that your roof is about to give out:

Roof Leaks

If you notice a roof leak, this means that water is flowing into your roof deck. Leaks should never be overlooked, and they typically are a sign of a more serious problem than just cleaning up some water. Finding the source of the leak and fixing any structural damage is crucial.

Sprinkler Heads Pushing Downward

If you notice the buildings’ sprinkler heads are pushed down out of their secured position, there could be a roof collapse very soon. This indicates that there is immense pressure pushing down on your roof, so much so, the ceiling and sprinkler heads are starting to fall. If you get your roof repaired, be sure to have the sprinkler heads fixed too, as they’ve been damaged and may not function in an emergency.

Cracks In The Walls or Ceiling

Another indication of a pending roof collapse is noticeable cracks inside throughout the ceiling or down the walls. These cracks don’t occur without reason, and it’s likely that reason is weight building up on the roof, whether it be water, snow, debris, or something else. Immediate action to remove whatever is on the roof is necessary.

Sagging or Warping Structures

The support structures of a home or building can only support so much weight, so if there is weight building up on top of the roof, these structures will start to sad, warp, and eventually collapse. Door frames as well will begin to distort in shape from the heavyweight. 

Whenever you notice any of these signs, it’s essential you call a trusted roofing company to assess and fix the situation before devastation occurs.  

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