Are There Carpenter Bees In My Siding?

Are you noticing holes in your home’s siding and some bees buzzing around? You may have a carpenter bee infestation on your hands! Don’t worry; these bees won’t hurt you, but it’s crucial to handle the situation before it gets worse.

What Are Carpenter Bees?

These large, black and yellow bees love wood! Their appearance resembles a bumblebee but with a shiny, black abdomen instead of a fuzzy exterior. These bees may look scary, but the males don’t have stingers, and the females rarely sting, only if aggravated. 

Carpenter bees are accurately named because of the perfectly round, half-inch wide holes they drill into wood to make their nests. The females use their sharp teeth to carve out these perfect circles through the soft wood, where she lays her eggs.

Carpenter Bee Damage

Carpenter bees prefer to make their nests in soft, unpainted wood, such as the backside of fascia boards, window trim, porches, siding, and other elements of your home’s exterior. Woods such as pine, cedar, cypress, and redwood are the most ideal as they are softer and easier to carve. Some signs of carpenter bee nests include: 

  • Half-inch in diameter round holes in the wood
  • Piles of sawdust around the holes
  • Scraping sounds from inside the wood
  • Fan-shaped stains around the holes

Just a few tunnels are not much to worry about, but if there is a serious infestation, problems such as structural damage, water damage, and stains can occur and become costly fixes. 

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees in Your Home’s Siding

If your siding has fallen victim to these ferocious carpenter bees, there are a couple of things you can do to solve the infestation:

  • Find the nests – Locate where all of the nests are. Carpenter bees are very active during the day, so it shouldn’t be difficult to spot where they are flying. 
  • Utilize an insecticide – Buy a proper insecticide, and follow its directions to spray it to the target area safely. Doing this at night, when most of the bees should be inside their nest, will guarantee the best results.
  • Replace your siding – If the infestation is too severe, it may be time to replace your home’s siding. Reach out to your trusted local siding company to help replace the siding safely.

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