Which Color Siding Should I Choose For My Home?

Are you trying to decide on the perfect color for your home’s new siding? It’s not always easy! You may be tempted to pick your favorite color or copy the neighbors, but remember you will be admiring your house for years and years to come, so you want it to be just right.

Here are some tips to help you find the right color for your home’s siding:

Let Your Home’s Style Guide The Way

Every home has a particular style of architecture by which it was designed, which means that specific colors may be better to match this design. Here are a few examples:

  • Tuscan – Working with warmer tones is best to match the stonework.
  • Victorian – Playful colors and bold combinations, especially with blues and greens, help Victorian homes stand out. 
  • Mediterranean – Warm color palettes are ideal for matching the peachy tone of the terracotta roof.
  • Colonial – Often painted one color, colonial homes are known for their beautiful white siding with neutral or bold colored accents.
  • Contemporary – Homes with a more modern style with lots of shapes and textures often look best with a more neutral palette to let the architecture speak for itself.

Pay Close Attention To Your Home’s Other Elements

If you don’t plan to redo your home’s roof, trim, doors, and other exterior elements with your renovations, it’s best to look at colors that match those pieces. Homes with a balanced and complementary color palette all around always have the best curb appeal.

Test Different Paint Colors Throughout The Day

It’s always important to get a visual before ultimately making a final decision. So, take some color samples and hold them up to your house. But don’t forget; colors will look different depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight, so be sure to check multiple times to see what looks best.

Get a Professional’s Opinion

They know what they’re doing! If you’re unsure of what color will look best, don’t be afraid to get some guidance from a professional siding installation expert. They have seen and worked on plenty of homes and can use their experience and expertise to help you make the perfect decision.

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