Most Common Summer Roofing Problems To Watch For

Summer is in full swing, and your roof is feeling the change in weather. The hot sun, stormy days, and humidity can all wreak havoc on your home’s roofing system, and as a homeowner, you must be aware of these potential dangers. 

Every homeowner should keep an eye out for these common summer roofing problems:

Sun Damage

The summer heat may feel unbearable at times for you, so imagine how your roof feels! Those sun rays can be damaging and increase the aging rate of your roofing system. The roof deck can fade, the adhesion holding the materials together can melt, and shingles can buckle. Having a professional apply a sun-safe roof coating to the roof and staying attentive can help protect your roof during the summer months.

Storm Damage

Summer storms are no joke, and there is no avoiding them. As the years go on, it seems they get worse and worse, and your home’s roof is at serious risk of damage and destruction. Luckily, you can actively decrease this risk by clearing leaves and debris from your gutters, checking for any dead or loose branches and trees that could fall, and checking that your drains are not clogged before a storm arrives. 

Following a storm, examine your roof for damage, and call a roofing professional to help evaluate and fix any damages.

Water Damage

As well as storms, there tends to be lots of general rainfall, which will take a toll on your roof and potentially cause leaks into your house and other serious problems. Regularly checking your roof for any signs of damage, cracks, and weak spots is essential during the summer months.

Moss Growth

During the hot summer months, algae and moss can grow on your roof’s surface, which can become a significant expense if it’s ignored. Over time, moss and algae will cause the structures to weaken and lead to leaks.

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