5 Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill This Summer

This summer season has undoubtedly been hot! And with this intense heat, we are all spending money and energy on trying to keep our homes as cool as possible. Since these costs can really add up, we want to help give you a few ideas on how to save some money this summer on your energy bills.

Here are five tips for saving money on your energy bill during the summer season:

Turn off your air conditioning when it’s not needed.

Keeping your air conditioning turned off when you’re sleeping or not home can result in significant savings. Before you leave the house and won’t be home for an extended period of time, be sure to raise the thermostat. If you can manage with fans or open windows at night, turn off the air conditioning before going to sleep.  

Clean your air conditioner vents.

For air conditioning to properly function, the filters, coils, and other elements all need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Built-up dirt and dust can clog the airways, making it more difficult for your unit to efficiently produce and dissipate cool air. If it’s been a while since the last time you changed the filter, do so as soon as possible.

Block the sun rays.

The sun’s intense rays entering through your windows can heat up your home more than you may think. Utilizing window coverings and treatments can help you save some energy and keep your home cooler.  

Take advantage of natural ventilation.

If there are cool breezes at night where you live or you notice the temperature has dropped, take advantage and open your windows for some natural airflow. 

Utilize fans.

Instead of blasting the air conditioning, turn on your fans! Ceiling fans can help keep a room 4 degrees cooler, allowing you to turn down your A.C. No matter the type of fan, don’t forget to turn them off when you’re not in the room.

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