Are Roofing Shingles Recyclable?

When getting a roof replacement or installing new shingles, what happens to these materials after the fact is often a distant thought. However, little do homeowners know that your roof’s old shingles can be recycled! That’s right, there’s a way to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle when upgrading your home’s roof. And here’s all the information you’ll need: 

Recycling Roofing Shingles: Who Knew?

How It Works

Your shingles will typically last about 20 years before needing to be replaced. Once the material reaches its lifespan and has been removed from the home, most people simply throw them away with other construction waste. However, recycling your roofing shingles is an option many homeowners should consider. 

Many people think of their old roof as just being tossed into the landfill and not being used for anything. In reality, it can be reprocessed into any number of other things.

What Your Shingles Can Be Recycled Into

When you choose to recycle your old shingles, these items can be used to create various products such as compost, animal bedding, ground coverings for trails and playgrounds, erosion control on construction sites, and more. Not to mention, asphalt, the main ingredient in most shingles, can be recycled into paving material for roads and parking lots.

The Benefits of Recycling Your Shingles

When it comes to recycling, in any form, the benefits are endless. Not only are you contributing to an eco-friendly lifestyle, but you’re also helping to reduce overall waste in your town or county. Whether big or small, every action you take has a positive impact on the environment and helps keep this Earth beautiful! 

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