Can Siding be Installed in the Winter?

The question of whether or not it is possible to install siding in the winter can be a difficult one. Winter weather presents several challenges for installing new siding. You’ll want to consider a few factors before making your final decision, and we have all the important ones ready for you to think about! 

Companies May be Limited

Winter might not be the most suitable time for a siding installation because many companies have limited or no work crews available in the winter months. This can lead to longer waiting periods for installation, which means more time without protection from the elements. 

Check in with your installer and see if they can give you an accurate timeline of when they believe they could have the job done — that way, you’ll know if it’s the right time.

The Weather Can Make the Job Harder

Say your installation team is working on your siding one day when suddenly cold, light snow begins falling from above. Firstly, wet and cold weather will make working conditions very uncomfortable, so workers may need to return on a better day. Secondly, snow and ice can pose problems with installation: shingles will get stuck together, and freezing rain could lead to water damage if left unchecked. And lastly, if it begins to precipitate outside while your siding is exposed or not ready to protect your interior, it could mean long-term damage to your home! So timing this project is key. 

The Benefits to Installing Your Siding in the Winter

While the reasons mentioned above make winter seem like not the best time to get your new siding installed, know that there are a few benefits to choosing this season for your project. 

Siding is one of the most effective ways to protect your home from weather and outside debris damage. Installing new siding on the house during the winter months will keep you warm inside because of less airflow through open windows.

So, if it’s been a while since you last updated your siding and you notice a few issues with its structural integrity, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the end of fall and early winter to get this project started. Since, as we saw above, the more intense part of the winter season won’t be the best time to get your installation done. 

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