Energy-Efficient Summer Tips

How to Be Energy-Efficient This Summer

While you are traveling or visiting relatives, you should consider finding ways to save money on electricity bills. Why spend numerous dollars on power when you’re out having fun in the sun? Your home’s roof plays a large part in keeping it protected from harsh weather conditions. 

We’re here to share tips on being energy-efficient this summer, starting with your roof.

Switch to a Metal Roof

Depending on the roofing material you choose, it will determine how much heat your house absorbs or releases. We recommend a metal roof because it has a reflective coating that casts back sunlight, which means that it reduces the amount of heat absorbed and saves energy. Additionally, it has a lifespan of over fifty years and requires less maintenance.

Insulate Your Attic

Installing an insulator in your attic will reduce heat transfer between your home’s interior and exterior by creating a barrier. With insulation, you will also not have to heat or cool your house often; thus, minimizing energy consumption. Poorly insulated roofs trap heat which makes your air conditioning system work harder than it has to during the summer. 

Choose the Correct Shingle Color

Did you know that the color of your shingles determines the energy-efficiency of your roof? Light-colored shingles absorb less heat which helps cool down the house. Whereas, dark-colored shingles will absorb the heat and increase the interior temperature of your home. Depending on your region, you should select the right shingle color that fits your needs.   

Go Green Today!

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