Fall and Winter vs. Your Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are important parts of your home’s structure, especially in colder weather. These systems collect water from rain, snow, and even melted ice from your roof, then direct it to the ground where it belongs. But cold temperatures and harsh winter conditions can cause ice and other debris to build up in your gutters faster than they can drain it away, damaging your home’s foundation or leaking into your basement. 

Follow these tips on keeping your gutters clean this fall and winter so you can enjoy all the benefits of clear channels year-round!

The Causes of Clogged Gutters in Autumn

What is fall more famously known for other than all the fallen leaves the season causes? And these leaves often end up in your gutters, clogging up the system. Not to mention the branches and debris that can build up due to autumn storms! All of these will cause water to back up within the system, which could lead to flooding issues for your home or property. 

The Causes of Clogged Gutters in Winter

If your gutters are clogged this winter, it could be because of several factors. The most common reason for clogged drains during the cold months is snow and ice build-up on the roof. As water runs off the roof, it will freeze in contact with anything that can’t absorb heat, like leaves or pine needles on the ground below your home’s gutter system.

More Issues With Clogged Gutters

When gutters are clogged, water has nowhere to go but down the side of the house, where it can cause damage by rotting wood or eroding brickwork. Clogs also make your gutters noisy, which can be a huge annoyance when you’re trying to enjoy your time indoors. 

Maintenance Tips

The biggest difference between fall and winter gutter maintenance is the frequency with which you clean them. In general, you should clean gutters at least twice a year, but you may need to do it more often if your drains are near a tree or bush that collects leaves or other debris or if you have many trees in your yard.

Roofing and Gutter Experts of Norwalk

Our team of experienced and professional roofing contractors looks forward to serving Connecticut residents’ roofing and gutter needs. We can thoroughly examine the roof, identify the underlying problem, and make the needed corrections. Homeowners who notice any preceding concerns are urged to contact us as soon as possible.

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