Can Ice Affect Your Siding Color?

The winter months are coming, and with them, the worries of ice damage. Although, many homeowners need to consider how the winter season can contribute to your siding color fading. While the sun is notoriously known for being a burden on your exterior paints, ice can also deal a good amount of damage. 

Ice can be one of the most damaging things to your home because not only does it have the potential to cause structural damage but also to affect the color of your siding. If you’re worried about this happening to you, then there are a few ways that ice could affect your siding color to keep an eye out for. 

Melting or Freezing

Whether it’s melting off or freezing on, ice can cause long-term discoloration for your siding. If there is an issue with moisture behind your house, then when the ice melts on top of it and evaporates, it will leave behind stains. Not only that, but if the ice melts and refreezes, it will create a layer of frost on top of the water, which could potentially stain or bleach your siding if left for too long.

Drywall Issues

Another way ice affects paint is when water seeps into gaps in walls and freezes, expanding as it freezes and causing cracks in drywall. It might not seem like a big issue at first, but over time, those breaks in your paint will become more and more obvious as the seasons go by. 

Winter Storm Issues

We’ve seen our fair share of winter storms. High winds from these weather conditions can cause large amounts of salt and sand from winter road treatments to mix in with snow or sleet. In turn, this slushy ice has the potential to land on your siding, with the chemicals harming the hue of your home’s exterior. 

Changes in Light Reflection

Did you know that ice changes how light reflects off of a surface? When water accumulates on the surface of your siding, this can lead to moisture that affects how light bounces off the exterior materials. Consequently, this causes discoloration — depending on what type of material is affected by the ice and how dark or light it is. 

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