Best Guide to Holiday Lights

Decorating for the holidays is a festive tradition, and lights are essential for setting the right atmosphere. But it’s important to stay safe while stringing up your decorations. Follow these tips to ensure you enjoy your holiday season without any unfortunate incidents. 

Inspect Light Strings

Before you hang them, inspect each light string closely and discard any broken bulbs or frayed wires. These can easily cause a fire hazard if not handled properly. If you notice any damage while they’re hung up, switch off the power immediately and replace them as soon as possible. 

Ensure Outdoor Lights are Weatherproof 

If you’re using outdoor lights, make sure all the strings are labeled “weatherproof” or “waterproof.” This will help prevent them from short-circuiting in wet conditions, which could cause a safety hazard. And keep in mind that most indoor lights are not designed for outdoor use so avoid using them outdoors unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer. 

Don’t Attach Light Strings with Nails or Staples

When hanging up your lights, it can be tempting to use a nail or staple gun to secure them in place quickly and easily. Unfortunately, this is not recommended since it can damage the wires of each light string or cause damage to your insulation, siding, or roofing. It’s best to stick with plastic clips or hooks that come with your light strings instead! 

Avoid Climbing by Yourself

When working on higher levels of your decorations, such as roofs or other tall structures, it’s always best to bring someone along who can help spot you and provide assistance whenever necessary. It is also worth investing in some safety gear like harnesses and gloves just in case of any accidents or injuries while working at heights! 

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