Choosing the Right Roof Siding for Your Home

Renovating or building a new house comes with stringent measures that dictate how your property will look and feel for you. One of the significant decisions to make about your housing type is the exterior design. If you have no idea or need some consultancy on your exterior design, we are the best option. We offer different choices of roof siding, and we can give you a customizable design depending on your preference.

Factors to Put into Consideration

When choosing your roof siding design, you need to consider some factors that include climate, your budget, your style, and your neighborhood. Whether you are choosing a new roof siding design or a facelift of your current roofing, we offer a variety of designs that you can choose from.

Roofing Options We Can Offer

One of the ideal options we offer brick veneer siding design. Brick is a popular style for exterior design and is commonly found on colonial homes and English cottages. When appropriately installed, brick siding can provide you a long-lasting look for your roof.

We also major in providing vinyl siding, which is an excellent option for reducing costs. It comes in different styles and colors. Recently, technology has developed vinyl siding further, and it seems more vibrant and of superb quality.

Wooden Siding

When looking for a wood siding, it is essential to consider us as we offer great wooden siding options. If you want to develop a rich and warm feeling, wooden siding is the right way to go. It provides your home with an authentic look that is quite hard to imitate. Besides, wooden siding can easily help in customization as one can stain or paint it.

Hardiplank Siding 

Alternatively, we offer Hardiplank siding, which is a unique siding design that gives a perfect blend with wood and concrete materials. As such, it is durable and can be painted differently to match your home style.

Let us Find The Best Siding For You

JM Roofing & Siding is family-owned and operated business with more than 15 years of experience in the roofing industry. We always take pride in offering exceptional craft, whether you need roof repair, replacement, emergency repairs, siding, or new roof installation. Feel free to give JM Roofing & Siding a call today to learn more about our professional roofing services in Connecticut!

Pet-Friendly Yard Plants

If you’re like most pet parents, your furry friend is more than an animal who lives in your home — they’re members of the family. That being the case, it’s no surprise that, when you start thinking about how you’re going to spruce up your yard, you take their health and safety into consideration. After all, your yard is one likely one of their favorite places to run and relax.

When you’re planning on adding some plants and foliage to your yard, here are some pet-friendly options to choose from.

Garden Marigolds

Not only are these pretty flowers pet-friendly, but they also can help other pests stay out of your yard. This is because their flowers attract bees to allow for better pollination, plus their roots ward off beetles and other bugs that could destroy your garden. Pretty, protective, and pet-friendly — talk about a triple threat!


While you’ve typically seen these in the form of large trees, they can also thrive as bushes in your yard. Their beautiful blooms will be a wonderful, pet-friendly addition to any sunny yard.

Rosemary and Dill

If you’re looking to plant some pet-friendly foliage that not only looks great but can also serve you in the kitchen, rosemary and dill are great options! They give off fragrant smells in your yard and are also great ways to fill empty spaces in your landscape. 

Pro Tip: Dill can grow to be a pretty big plant, so give it plenty of room in your yard to thrive.

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How Trees Affect Your Roof

When the sun shines onto your yard in the spring and summer months, it can be great knowing you have large trees to provide you and your family with some much-needed shade. And in the fall, all the leaves from the trees can provide your children with plenty of entertainment and arts and crafts materials.

But what if we told you that, while they offer some benefits, those trees could also pose some threats to your home, specifically your roof?

How Tress May Harm Your Roof

Branches Can Wreak Havoc

If there are trees in your yard relatively close to or touching, your home, the branches can knock against your roof and cause your shingle to become loose or come off your roof entirely. Plus, if a harsh storm rolls through your neighborhood, those branches can fall from the tree and onto your roof, causing even more serious damage.

Leaves Trap Moisture

Like we said, falling leaves in Autumn can be fun for the kids. However, if the leaves don’t make it to the lawn and get stuck on your roof, they can trap moisture and cause some water damage. This is especially dangerous if you have missing shingles or exposed areas of your roof.

Gutters Pull on the Roof

Similarly to leaves getting caught on your roof, if your gutters get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris from nearby trees, they can end up becoming too heavy (especially when it rains) and pull at your roof, damaging your fascia. Plus, if water can’t leave your gutters, it can flow back onto your roof, risking water damage.

For safety purposes, it’s best to trim back branches of nearby trees so there is at least 10 feet between the tree and your roof.

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Siding Colors to Avoid

When it comes to your home’s appearance, your siding is one of the first things visitors notice. After all, it typically covers the entirety of your house. With this being the case, it’s a wise idea to choose your siding colors based not only on what you prefer but also on what your neighborhood allows and what future buyers would find appealing.

If you’re in the market to change your siding, here are a few colors to avoid.

Why You Should Avoid Certain Siding Colors

Neighborhood Requirements

In some areas, homeowner’s associations require your home to blend in nicely with the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. This will prevent you from choosing any bright or “out there” colors that may violate these rules.

Resale Value

Potential buyers may be deterred from purchasing your home is the siding color you chose is a bit more eccentric and would require them to change it to something more uniform or subtle — it’s an expense they won’t want to worry about.


If you live in a particularly sunny area, you won’t want to choose a dark-colored siding as this will absorb sunlight and cause your home to feel warmer than you’d like.

Siding Colors to Steer Clear Of

Bright, Eccentric Colors

You may love the idea of a quaint yellow or bright sun-burnt orange, but these colors may be a bit too eccentric to match your neighborhood or attract future buyers.

One That Matches Your Roof

If your siding is the exact same color as your roof, your home’s appearance will lack dimension and look too blasé.

Dark-Colored Siding

Dark siding will absorb sunlight and make your home feel overly warm.

Multi-Colored Siding

Having two different colors of vinyl siding can make your home look random and mismatched.

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What is Lap Siding?

When it comes to your home’s siding, you have a lot of options to choose from — and within those options, come several types of designs as well. One popular type of siding tends to be lap siding, since it offers many benefits along with a nice aesthetic. If you’re considering this choice for your home, here’s what you need to know.

What is Lap Siding?

Also known as “clapboard siding,” lap is a type of siding in which each board partially overlaps with the next, giving your home a picturesque appearance. Typically, lap siding can be found on more recently-built homes.

The Benefits of Lap Siding

Highlight Current Features

Lap siding is often paired with other home siding materials and can help highlight your stucco, stone, or brick siding.

Many Material Options

In the past, lap siding was typically only done with wood. However, with the advances in siding technology, it’s also available in materials such as fiber cement, vinyl, and engineered wood. This variety allows you to pick from a variety of colors to best match your home’s aesthetic.

Durable with Little Maintenance

Especially when you opt for HardiPlank or engineered wood materials, lap siding can be very durable and require very little effort to maintain. Combine those two features and you have sturdy, low-maintenance siding that will last for years to come. 

The siding we install will protect your home, save energy, improve the appearance and enhance the value of your property. We replace worn out or damaged exteriors. We install naturally durable cedar and fiber cement, one of the highest quality materials with the longest warranty. Call JM Roofing and Siding today for a free estimate!

How Storms Can Damage Your Roof

When a big storm rolls through your area, you may be concerned about flood water invading your basement or tree branches falling onto your car. While those things can definitely happen, you should also be concerned about the damage storms can do to your roof — especially since any damage left unchecked can have other dangerous effects on your home.

How Your Roof Can Be Damaged by Storms


If you have trees near your home, heavy winds can cause branches to knock into your roof, hitting your gutters, fascia, and shingles. The branches can pull on your fascia and rip your shingles from your roof.  Additionally, if the wind pulls those branches lose, they can come crashing down onto your roof, causing holes or more serious damage.


Even if you don’t have any trees near your home, strong winds can still wreak havoc on your roof. Loose shingles can be torn away by heavy gusts and leave your roof bare in spots. In certain cases, when winds are extremely powerful, they can rip your roof off entirely. Luckily, we don’t tend to have that strong of winds in Connecticut.


During the colder months, hail can give your roof a pretty hard beating. Your roof can end up with dimples and imprints from the hail, or the hail can cause shingles to become loose or rip off  entirely.

If you find yourself with roof damage, due to a storm or other cause, don’t wait to make repairs. The experts at JM Roofing & Siding are here for any roof emergencies you have in Norwalk, CT. Contact us today to schedule a service!

Why You Need to Make Storm Repairs Right Away

When Mother Nature gets moody and throws a storm your way, you may think that all you have to worry about is staying inside and staying dry. However, while you’re safe from harm, the same can’t always be said for your home. That’s because your house takes the full brunt of whatever that storm is throwing at it. 

The biggest issue arises when a storm begins tearing up shingles or putting holes on your siding. If that happens, you’re going to want to make those repairs right away. Here’s why.

Reasons to Make Storm Repairs ASAP

The Problems Will Only Get Worse

When your home is damaged by a storm, even if it’s just slightly, the problem will not go away on its own. The longer you let the damage go unrepaired, the worse it will get — you’ll lose more shingles, your siding will become further worn, etc.

It Can Cause More Damage

If your shingles have been torn away by heavy winds, you’re opening your home up to suffer water damage since rain and snow will now be able to make itself into your attic. The same can be said for damaged siding. In order to avoid further damage to your home, you should make storm repairs as soon as you notice the damage.

It Can Cost More

If you wait to make repairs and the damage on your home worsens, it will likely cost you more to make the repairs necessary to get your home in good condition again. By making storm repairs when they first occur, you will likely not need as much work done and avoid any otherwise unnecessary spending. 

Emergency roof repair prevents small damages from becoming catastrophes. At JM Roofing and Siding, our residential roofing company provides same day service that stops water in its tracks. We get to your house and inspect the rooftop as soon as it’s safe. Contact us today for more information!

Creating Winter Curb Appeal

When you’re looking to sell your home, it can seem a bit more difficult to do so during the colder months. With the harsher weather, shorter days, and Bleecker outdoor conditions, you aren’t exactly set up for success infiltrating your home as stunning.

However, there are several things you can do to increase your home’s winter curb appeal and have a better chance of having a successful real estate experience.

Clear Away Snow

While white snow may look picturesque on your lawn, the same can’t be said when it is taking up space on your driveway and walkways. Potential buyers don’t want to see a driveway covered in dirty snow, so once it has stopped falling from the sky, shovel it away to allow for better entry into your home. 

Organize Your Yard

What is cleared, it’s time to tackle your yard. If there are stray children’s toys or lawn ornaments lying about,  place them neatly in your garage and out of sight. You also should consider tidying up any foliage to allow for more uniformity when potential buyers drive by.

Spruce Up Your Exterior

No potential homeowner wants to drive buy a house and see missing roof tiles or dirty siding. if you’re exterior could use summer repairs, have them made before your house goes on to the market to create a better curb appeal. Plus, a new roof or new siding can increase your resale value as well.

From complete roof installations and replacements to siding repair and installation, you can count on JM Roofing & Siding for exceptional service. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Prepping Your Home for Winter

When the weather outside begins to get rough and snow begins to fall from the sky, it can be easy to bundle up in your warmest jacket and put on your heaviest boots to protect yourself from the cold. However, the same can’t be said for your home. On the contrary, you need to take a few steps to prep your home for winter in order to ensure the structure’s safe and ready to provide you comfort for months to come.

How to Prep Your Home for Winter

Check Your Heating System

The last thing you want to have happen is for your heating system just stopped working in the middle of a cold night. by having your unit inspected by a professional, you can fix small problems before they get worse, ensure the system runs efficiently, and prevent a future breakdown.

Prepare Your Fireplace

If you plan on letting a few fires throughout the winter months, you’ll need to make sure your fireplace is ready to do so. Have it thoroughly cleaned, make sure the damper is open, and have the chimney inspected to ensure there are no air gaps that would allow for drafts or smoke to remain in your home.

Winterize Your Pipes

Especially in our Northeast climate, your pipes are much at risk for freezing up during winter. Consider insulating exposed pipes in your home, and slightly open any exterior faucets so the small water drip will prevent the spouts from freezing.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

If you have any cracks, holes, or other damage to your siding or Roofing, you may run the risk of drafts or water damage affecting your home. Before harsh weather hits, have repairs made to your home’s exterior to prevent future problems.

For 15 years, JM Roofing & Siding has been a family-owned and operated residential roofing and siding contractor serving the New Canaan, Greenwich, and Norwalk areas of Fairfield County. From complete roof installations and replacements to siding repair and installation, you can count on us for exceptional service.

Must-Have Outdoor Holiday Decor

One of the most exciting tasks of the holiday season is decorating your home! While it’s great to deck out the inside of your home, it’s always important to spruce up the outside of your home so everyone in the neighborhood can see just how festive you are.

If you’re short on ideas of how to make your humble abode seem like the most holiday-centric in the neighborhood, here are some must-have outdoor holiday decor.

String Lights

Whether you choose white or colorful, small or large bulbs, string lights are a holiday decor staple. You can hang them from your gutters, porch, or around your windows, among other places. Just make sure to use the proper materials to fasten the lights to your home — plastic clips are always better than staples since they don’t harm your exterior.


The smell of pine is one of the most welcoming to experience during the holidays — and the spiral sight of those evergreen leaves looks perfect hung on your front door or in windowpanes. You can have plain wreaths hang outside your home, or you can adorn them with holly, ribbon, or other small details.


You place them on every present you wrap during the season, so why not use bows in your outdoor holiday decor as well? You can purchase pre-made bows or get a big roll of ribbon and make your own. 

If you don’t want to make actual bows, wrap ribbon around your porch or use it to frame your doorway.

For 15 years, JM Roofing & Siding has been a family-owned and operated residential roofing and siding contractor serving the New Canaan, Greenwich, and Norwalk areas of Fairfield County. From complete roof installations and replacements to siding repair and installation, you can count on us for exceptional service.