How to Maintain Your Shingles

From the condition of your lawn to the color of your garden plants, your home’s exterior look probably matters a lot to you. While your shrubbery is important, there’s another exterior item that needs a little more attention than the plants: your roof. Roof shingles need to be well taken care of in order to stay in good condition and protect you and your family. Here are just a few of the many ways you can maintain your shingles.

Keep an Eye on Them

This is probably the simplest task of them all. Either when you leave the house in the morning or have a few minutes over the weekend, walk around your home and take a good look at your shingles. If you spot any damage, such as flared, torn, or missing shingles, have repairs made as soon as possible.

Trim Away Hanging Branches

If you have any trees whose branches brush against your roof, have them trimmed back a bit. Not only can branches scratch and damage your shingles, but if a big storm causes that branch to fall, it could damage your roof even more.

Clean Your Gutters

Not only can dirty gutters pull  at your fascia, but if water isn’t able to flow off your roof through them, it can flow back up and under your shingles. This can cause your roof to experience water damage, as well as cause shingles to become loose or come off your roof entirely

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