How to Keep Your Yard Safe for Your Pet

Every time your kids head outside to play in the yard, you always aware that there’s nothing back there that they could hurt themselves with, right? Well, why wouldn’t you take the same precautions for your fur babies? While you may not think about it, there are plenty of harmful things that could be innocently lying around your yard. Here are a few ways you can keep your yard safe for pets.

Clean Up Your Tools

Did you mow the lawn recently or do a little gardening? Make sure to put away any tools — lawnmowers, shovels, etc. — so your pet doesn’t mistake them for toys or anything to chew on. This is especially true for electric tools that pets could endanger themselves near.

Check the Fence

The last thing you’ll want to experience is the fear of looking into your yard and not seeing your pet. Every so often, take a walk around your yard to ensure your fence is in good shape, there aren’t any holes or broken pieces, and that there are no spots your pet has dug at to get underneath the fence.

Keep Your Grass Trimmed

Long grass provides a perfect home for fleas, ticks, and other pests that can cause a mess of problems for you and your pet. Keep your grass trimmed so there is less of a chance that pests live there and jumping onto your pet.

Watch Your Plants

Not all plants are pet-friendly — in fact, some can be toxic to your furry friends. Check to see if the plants in your yard are safe for your pets in case they nibble on them. If you find that your yard plants aren’t, remove them and replace them with safer ones.

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