Yard Maintenance Tasks for the Start of Fall

When the warmer seasons were here, you did everything you could to ensure that your yard looked tidy and beautiful. That effort shouldn’t stop just because a bit of cold weather is rolling in. Yard maintenance is just as important in autumn as it is in spring. That being said, make sure you follow these tips for early fall yard care.

Get Rid of Leaves

Fallen leaves that cover your lawn prevent your grass from getting air and sunlight; all but killing it. Make sure to rake up leaves, regularly, to allow your grass to get the nutrients it needs to thrive and stay healthy.

Seed and Fertilize

By setting down seed and fertilizing now, you’ll get a jump start on growing your lawn for spring. Plus, by giving your lawn some extra nutrients from fertilizer this early in the game, you can help your grass prepare for the cold, harsh winter ahead.

Kill the Weeds

Since the weather starts getting a bit cooler, weeds are most susceptible to weed killer during the fall. Spray them with your product of choice to completely rid your yard of them and unwanted flowers.

Plant Shrubbery

It may not seem like it, since cold weather is on the horizon, but autumn is actually a great time to plant bushes and other plants in your yard. By doing so now, you give your shrubbery more time to establish roots before it gets too cold — and they will be ready to thrive for spring (which will be here sooner than you think!).

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