What Could Be Eating My Wood Siding?

Woodpeckers, and squirrels, and bugs– oh my. If you have noticed that your wood siding has been being picked at and destroyed, you could be dealing with some annoying pests. These critters can cause long-term damage for your home and siding. Make sure you know what might be eating away at your wood and how to prevent them from ever doing it again! 


What they do: Squirrels will eat away at your siding in an attempt to get into your house to build nests. Not only will the scratching wear on you, the destruction of your siding will as well. 

What you can do: Make sure your attic vents and vulnerable spots are blocked. This will prevent them from making nests. More directly, you can apply a taste repellent called capsaicin to spots with signs of chewing. It’s made up of a chemical found in chili peppers, so it’s sure to keep them away without harming them!


What they do: It’s in the name! They will peck at your wood siding all day long and leave holes and cracks in it. 

What you can do: You can start with placing bird feeders, ones specifically meant for woodpeckers, around your home. This will keep them preoccupied on something else besides your siding. Another option is to place shiny or reflective materials on the side of your home, which makes it less appealing for these birds. 


What they do: They start from the bottom of your home and chew their way all up your siding. Before you know it, you’ll see signs of decay and damage all over. 

What you can do: Termites can devastate your home if not discovered quickly. A good way to test if you have an infestation is to tap your siding, to listen if it sounds hollow or not. If so, you’ll need to call an exterminator to take care of the issue for you! Make sure you have frequent inspections, because termites are often not easily spotted until heavy damage is done. 

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