4 Ways Wind Can Damage Your Home

When it comes to strong storms, it’s not only the extreme rain homeowners need to worry about. Depending on where you live, high winds can also play a huge role in storm damage. Hurricane season lasts until the end of October, so make sure you know all the ways that high winds can damage your home.

1. Fallen Trees

One of the most obvious factors that leads to home damage is the impact from fallen trees and branches. If you have a lot of trees on your property, keep in mind that some spots in your home could face some serious damage. If you know a big storm is coming and you have enough time, try getting tree branches surrounding your home trimmed, or get an older tree taken down.

2. Downed Power Lines

When power lines come down, they can be cause for some serious danger! Not only could it damage your roof, but it could create an electrical hazard. Before inspecting if it caused any problems for your roof and shingles, make sure power workers come through and take a look first.

3. Shingle Damage

The wind itself can cause some issues for your home as well. If the wind speed is high enough, weak and old shingles can break or snap off of your roof. It’s important that you get your roof upgraded with strong roofing material, especially if it’s been a while since you have done so. Get this done before a big storm comes rolling in. 

4. Siding Damage

Again, the wind itself can do a great deal of damage for your siding, but so can flying debris. Your siding is the blanket and protection of your home, so any issues here should be fixed by a professional right away. Plan ahead by updating your old material, or schedule a checkup for any cracks and breaks in your siding.

Roof and Siding Storm Damage Repairs In Norwalk CT

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